• Requests are often made of the parish to support various charitable causes. In order to allow for fair and equal attention to be given to each of these requests, a Charitable Inquiries Committee has been established which serves to help our Pastor determine which causes the parish is able to support. This committee is made up of individuals who each represent a part of our parish community:

    Members of the Charitable Inquiries Committee
    Lynne Sarro – Parish Council Member
    Beverly Waters – Parish Council Member
    Michael Piccione- Member of the Knights of Columbus
    Jean Lowery- President of the Women’s Fellowship
    Patrick Fahey – Member of the SMYLE Youth Group

  • The Committee will:

    1. Review all requests on a quarterly basis. Meetings may occur more frequently based on the timing of some events. The Committee’s next meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 12th, 2016.

    2. Review and assess the appropriateness of requests and determine if assistance can be given.

    3. Contact the individual and/or organization with a decision within 1 week of the quarterly meeting.

    4. Reserve the right to deny any requests that may be contrary to the spirit, intent or mission of St. Margaret Church.

    5. Whenever possible the committee will inform the requester of other possible sources of assistance, as they apply to the inquiry (Madison Town Services, Food Pantry, etc.)

    6. Reserve the right to honor Parish
    organizations/events over non parish events.

  • Procedure for Submitting Requests to the Charitable Inquiries Committee*

  • 1. Please complete the Charitable Request Form * in no less than 45 days prior to any proposed fundraising event or activity. (Exceptions will be reviewed as possible)

    2. Please send the completed form to the Charitable Inquiries Committee via one of the following ways:

    • Email directly to:
    • Drop off at the St. Margaret Parish Office, 39 Academy Street
    • Mail to the St. Margaret Parish Office at 39 Academy Street, Madison, CT 06443

    3. A member of the committee will be in touch with the petitioner to confirm receipt of the request.