• Sharing Information with our Parish Community

  • We at St. Margaret are fortunate to have a very active & vibrant parish community as is evidenced by the many new and recurring events and activities that occur throughout the year. Communication is a vital part of ensuring that everyone within our parish community is able to feel connected, included and informed. With this in mind, we have created an updated procedure allowing the parish staff to better receive and distribute all information that is requested to be shared with our parish community.

  • Procedure for anyone requesting information to be shared with the parish community:

    • This new web-based form allows all submitted information to be captured and stored in one place which is able to be viewed by all staff persons as well as the pastor.
    • Paper copies of the Parish Communication Form are available in the parish office for those who do not have access to a computer.
  • 2. All requests need to be received by noon on Monday in order to be considered for distribution for the following week-end.
  • 3. Once all requests are approved by the pastor, they will be distributed to the parish community as space allows and in the following order of priority:
    1. Information from the Archbishop or Archdiocese
    2. Information from our pastor
    3. Parish events, activities and announcements
    4. Diocesan events, activities and announcements
    5. Non-Diocesan parish events, activities and announcements
    6. Non-religious but local community events and activities.
  • 4. This new procedure applies to all content for each of the following platforms of parish communication:
    • Printed Weekly Bulletin: distributed at week-end Masses. Also available to view on the parish web-site.
    • Pulpit Announcements: made before the start of week-end Masses.
    • Parish Web-site: www.stmargaretchurch.com
    • Electronic Bulletin boards:
      • TV monitors located in the:
        • vestibule of the Main Entrance to the Church
        • the Church Hall
        • the lobby of the Parish Center
    • Parish Master Calendar: accessed via the parish web-site
    • Bulletin Boards:
      • Located at the front and back entrance of the church and also in the church hall.
      • Flyers that have been submitted and approved according to this new procedure will be posted by parish staff, as space allows.
    • E-Newsletters: emailed out to parishioners as needed
    • Parish App: a new format of accessing parish and diocesan information that can be downloaded onto Apple and Android phone and handheld devices.
  • For questions about submitting information to be communicated to the parish community, please contact Liz Connelly at 203 245.7301 ex 104.