• 2017 Parish Council Elections

    The Parish Council was created to assist our pastor with their many duties and strives to be a sounding board for our parishioners. This year, six of the twelve seats on the Council will be open for election. Please consider whether you or someone you know would be a good candidate for this important ministry in our parish.

    Nominations for the 6 open seats will be solicited beginning Sunday, April 23rd though Sunday, April 30th.

    On-line nomination form click on the attached link to complete and submit your nomination. This on-line ballot will be available from noon on Sunday, April 23rd until noon on Sunday, April 30th .

    Paper ballots will be available in the pews during all Masses April 29-30. Please leave the completed ballots in the pews as they will be collected after each Mass.

    Each parishioner, eighteen years of age or older, may nominate themselves or another parishioner only once, although multiple individuals can be nominated.

    The nomination process via paper ballots and on-line submissions will close on Sunday, April 30th, at noon.