• Faith Formation for Grades 1-8

    Hello Faith Formation Families,
    We are so very excited to share our new Faith Formation platform with you! Please click on the attached link below to begin your exploration of our new website! Also below, is another link to a short tutorial on how to navigate our new website. Please take a moment to watch:

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  • Here are some answers to questions you may have as you are exploring this new site:

    In our family, we have multiple children in different grades. Can they all do the same activities or do they need to stick to the grade level tabs?
    Each tab on our website is grouped by age and includes a playlist of content we feel is meaningful and age appropriate. However, you know your family best. Perhaps your 3rd grader would like to engage in the activities within the 4-6 grade tab. By all means, go for it! They are not bound to one tab.
    Every “click” is a gift. We purposely chose content that was short and easy, but will help your family meet Jesus in a meaningful way.

    Do we need to log on at a certain time each week?
    No. The online program is flexible. We know that every family is stretched in many ways. However, there is no better time than NOW to renew, refresh and re-engage in our FAITH! We encourage you to set aside a time each week to work on the activities. Maybe it’s every Monday after dinner…or maybe Saturday mornings work best. Once you find a day and time, stick to it! Including your faith in daily routines will help it to nurture and grow!

    Do all of the activities need to be completed by the end of the month?
    It is our expectation that at least one or two of the activities under each playlist (the Watch, Listen, Read, etc) will be completed each month. Of course, you can complete them all if you are feeling especially moved to do so!

    There is an “Exit Slip” that will need to be filled out and submitted when you are done with each month’s activities. It is found on the website. We will use this as feedback to see what tasks the children enjoyed most and to help us plan content for the following month.

    I have a 2nd grader and a 3rd grader. When will preparations for their sacraments begin?
    All 2nd and 3rd graders will begin the year working on our monthly themes. Sacramental prep for Reconciliation will begin mid November. The sacrament will take place at the end of February. Sacramental prep for Communion will begin in January. The sacrament will take place in May. We will be using a program that offers a weekly lesson and online support. More details to come.

  • How do I sign my children up?

  • Click here on the attached link and it will take you to our online form. Fill it out and hit submit. It’s that easy! Email us with any questions. We can be reached at: religious.education@stmargaretchurch.com
    **You will notice a line to add a discount code. Please note this is for catechist use only.

  • Planting seeds of faith within your children gives them a lifelong gift. Our hope is that we can plant these seeds together and watch these children flourish with Jesus in their hearts.

    Please reach out with any and all questions. We are here for you and your family.

    ~Nancy & Chris

  • Coordinators of Faith Formation for grades 1-8

    East Shoreline Catholic Academy
    The inter-parish school of St. George, Guilford, St. Margaret, Madison, and St. John Bosco, Branford.

    62 Cedar Street, Branford, CT 06405
    Phone: 203-488-8386 Fax: 203-488-2347