• Update on the Status of Parish Events and Activities

  • Effective Tuesday, March 17, 2020 through April 3, 2020, The Archdiocese of Hartford has cancelled all weekend and weekday Masses.

    Fr. Phl will celebrate daily Mass alone.

    St. Margaret Church will remain open during the day for those who may wish to pray in private.

    Starting Monday, March 16th and until further notice, all parish lay ministry meetings, events and activities will be cancelled.

    Please see the front page of the web-site for additional information and parish updates in regards to the coronavirus.

  • Good News

  • 68 Candidates received the sacrament of Confirmation this past week-end

  • Congratulations to the 68 members of our Sophomore Confirmation Class as they gathered with family and friends this past Saturday, March 7th to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in a beautiful ceremony presided over by Bishop Juan Miguel Betancourt. May God Bless each of these young parishioners as they begin their adult journey with their Faith.

  • Our Faith Formation 2nd graders (plus 2 of our third graders) received their First Reconciliation on Saturday, February 29th.

  • The children did such a wonderful job. Please keep them in your prayers. Afterwards, the joyful sacrament was celebrated with cupcakes and smiles in the Church Hall. We are so proud of all the time the children spent preparing for this delightful day. We couldn’t have done it without the help of our dedicated catechists: Megan Pearson, Kevin John-son, Katie Sanford, Sela Rathe, Kristen Ciecko, Lynda Montesi, Karina Montesi and Marykate Hoban.

  • St. Joseph Medal of Appreciation will be awarded to Justin Murphy

  • Each year, the Archbishop asks his pastors to nominate a parishioner who has been particularly helpful in the ministry and pastoral life of the parish, to receive a special award known as the St. Joseph’s Medal of Appreciation. These nominees often work behind the scenes, without fanfare, but are none the less vital to the healthy functioning of parish life. We are proud to announce that this year’s representative from St. Margaret Church is Justin Murphy. Please join us in congratulating him when you see or work with him, and pray that his good example may continue to inspire others to do the good works of our Lord. His name will be added to the special plaque with the names of our past honorees, that is normally displayed in our church hall. This plaque will be on display in the sanctuary.

  • General Parish Announcements

  • The 2020 Archbishop’s Annual Appeal is now underway in our parish.

  • Your support of this year’s Appeal ensures that essential Charitable, educational, and pastoral ministries of the Archdiocese of Hartford are carried forward.

    We hope you can help meet our parish goal of $110,000.00.

    If you would like to make a gift, kindly mail in your pledge card. You may also visit the Archdiocesan website at www.archdioceseofhartford.org or call the Appeal Office at (800) 781-2550. Keep in mind that an early pledge will allow you to best use the monthly payment plan.

    All funds contributed to the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal are used exclusively for the purposes outlined in the Appeal literature, which can be found at https://archdioceseofhartford.org/appeal/ No Appeal funds are ever used for legal fees or settlements.

  • Bus Tour To Lancaster, PA: September 9th – September 11th, 2020

  • All are invited to join parishioners of St. Margaret parish for a 3 day bus tour to Lancaster, PA from Wednesday, September 9 to Friday, September 11, 2020. The tour includes the biblical production of “Esther” at the Sight & Sound Theatre, deluxe motorcoach, a two night stay at the beautiful Eden Resort, 4 meals including dinner in an Amish home prepared and served by the family, reserved seating for the show, Kitchen Kettle Village, Mass will be celebrated at the Bernardine Sisters Chap-el in Reading, a professional tour director and more.

    For details and a flyer to sign up, please contact Janet Capello at (860) 342-3476, (860) 214-1909 or email at janet.capello@aol.com

  • 2019 Contributions to St. Margaret Church

  • Parishioners who wish to receive a summary of their contributions made to St. Margaret Church for the 2019 year, are asked to click here to complete the attached 2019 Tax Request Form drop it off or mail to the parish office located at 39 Academy Street, Madison, CT.
    Paper copies of this form are available in the weekly bulletin.

  • Parish Lay Ministries: Requests for Volunteers

  • The Hospitality Ministry hosts the Weekly Coffee and receptions each week after the 9:30am Mass

  • All parishioners are welcome to join us downstairs in the Church Hall!

    Volunteers willing to provide homemade baked goods, fresh fruit or veggies are always needed and appreciated. Please click here to sign-up to help.

    Please contact Valerie Zajac at toastersmom@gmail.com if you are able to help.

  • Evening Bible Study Group

  • The evening bible study group has weekly meetings from September – June which include a Hebrew scripture reading, a song to fit the theme or day, and a prayer session.

    Members choose a book in the Bible to study, and follow prepared discussion points.

    New members are always welcome.

    Contact Alan Steines 203-421-4989 or sasteines@hotmail.com

  • Eucharistic Adoration: Requesting Volunteers

  • Have we got a deal for you! It won’t cost you a penny, you don’t have to attend any meetings or make any phone calls. Your rewards will be priceless. Lent is the perfect time for you to give this a trial run. Leave the world outside the church doors and sit one hour with our Lord Jesus, exposed in the Blessed Sacrament.

    We have had many faithful adorers over the ten years we have been offering adoration. Unfortunately, for many different reasons, we have lost many of those faithful. But every one would tell you the same thing, that was the best hour of their week.

    If you would like to have a closer relationship with Jesus, please consider any hour that will fit your schedule,it is very open. This is something you do for YOU.

    Of the 2000+ families in our parish, we currently have less than 50 people who attend adoration on a regular basis. Please, help us change that number, and in the process, feel the peace you can only experience by knowing Jesus in this way Try it for Lent.

    For more information, contact Andrea Puglia at drea1827@yahoo.com" or (203) 245-0381.

  • Caregiver Spiritual Support Group

  • Are you taking care of an elderly parent, a spouse, a child or someone else? Come join the Caregiver Spiritual Group for prayer and support. Meetings are at Saint Mary Church, Branford in the Parish Center. For more information please contact Deacon Adam Michaele at (203) 530-4466 or Rose Michaele at (203) 815-3716.

  • Wellness Group: welcomes anyone feeling Anxious, Stressed, Isolated or Depressed

  • The Ministry for Wellness is a spiritual based support group. All are welcome including caregivers. The group meets at St. George Church on the green, in Guilford, 33 Whitfield Street in the Deacon Ruiz Center adjacent to the rectory from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

    For further information contact Deacon Adam Michaele at (203) 530-4466 or Rose Michaele at (203) 815-3716.

  • Helping Hands Ministry

  • Helping Hands is a volunteer-driven ministry led by Justin Murphy, a parishioner and member of the Knights of Columbus. This ministry provides free services to our local neighbors in need. Yard clean-up, snow removal, dump runs and other minor carpentry work (even simply changing a light bulb) to help keep your home safe and comfortable. Last minute errands and/or transportation to appointments will also be considered based on availability and distance. No job is too small.
    Contact Justin Murphy at HelpingHandsCT@outlook.com , or call (203) 952-8752

  • Parish Prayer Line

  • Bernadette Niedermeier will be continuing the Parish Prayer Line allowing parishioners to share any news you would like prayed for confidentially by your brothers and sisters in Christ. This could include
    a hospitalization, a long-term illness, unexpected news, or joyful celebrations.

    To submit a request for prayers, please send your name, the prayer request, and any other pertinent information to Bernadette at (203) 980-0570 or e-mail bcnmuse@hotmail.com.

    Would you like to be part of our Prayer Ministry? All former members and those newly interested in becoming part of the prayer line please contact Bernadette Niedermeier at (203) 980-0570 or e-mail bcnmuse@hotmail.com. Please provide your current e-mail address and phone number.

    Thank you for your prayerful consideration.

  • Purchase Pre-Paid Grocery Cards to help support our parish!!

  • Please remember to stop in the Church Hall after Mass to purchase
    your Grocery Cards.  Thanks so much for your participation, and please keep
    these sales going.

    The parish earns between 5 -10% (less credit card fees) of the cost of each grocery card purchased. For every $100.00 purchased, the church gets $5.00. This can add up very quickly based on the number of parishioners who get involved with this program.

    Grocery Cards are available for purchase in the church hall after all Masses and in the Parish Office.

    You can also pre-order your grocery cards on-line and they will be ready for quick pick-up after Mass or at the parish office

    Click here to complete the
    Grocery Card Pre-Order Form

    East Shoreline Catholic Academy
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